A Marketing Dream Comes True

My lifelong dream finally came true.  Ever since I was a little kid, I wanted to be a teacher.  But I found myself going so many different roads over the course of my career, so teaching seemed to be out of the question.  But several years ago as I was working on my Masters in Integrated Marketing Communications from WVU, I decided I would eventually get my doctorate and become a professor.  In the meantime, I knew the real-world experience would prove to be invaluable.

Finally, this past summer it happened!!  My job in state government was fading away, so I started looking for something else.  I had been working on my DBA with a specialization in Marketing at Northcentral University and had in enough hours to be a full-time professor, so I applied to positions in Business Departments at three local colleges.  One stuck out to me…. West Virginia Wesleyan College… as the one I really wanted, but the one I felt least likely to get due to the caliber of the school.  But I applied anyway, especially since it was an Assistant Professor of Marketing position.  Low and behold, I got the job at WVWC!!  And this week was my first week teaching full-time… my dream finally came true.

My students are absolutely AWESOME!!  I’m teaching two sections of Principles of Marketing and a Social Media Marketing class in the classroom.  I also have an online course in Consumer Behavior as well.

In this post, I want to share a little about what the SMM class is up to.  We are using a book by Dr. Carolyn Mae Kim entitled Social Media Campaigns: Strategies for Public Relations and Marketing.  Yesterday we just had time to discuss the definition of social media and types of platforms, brand communities, and relational marketing  as described by Morgan and Hunt (1992).  I could visually see that they were already learning that Social Media Marketing for businesses and organizations is a completely different concept than the way they’re used to using Social Media.  It was inspiring!!

We then broke up into small groups, or better termed teams to start working on our final project.  The class is only a 1-credit course lasing 7 weeks, so we don’t have a lot of time to spare.  They seem very excited about this project.  Each team has been assigned a local business who has graciously agreed to participate in our project.  The teams are currently working on a questionnaire to interview a designee from their assigned organization.  The interviews should happen next week, then each team will be developing a small Social Media Campaign presentation for the final project.  I’ll keep you updated on their progress, as I think it will be very exciting.  Until then…. check out these hard working WVWC Bobcats.

What Social Media Marketing tips can you share with them?

TIA, Professor Conrad (A.K.A. pc)


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