Enhancing the Classroom Experience with Guest Speakers

This past week, West Virginia Wesleyan College alumni and trustee, David Young took the time out of his hectic schedule to share his knowledge and expertise with the students in my Principles of Marketing and Consumer Behavior classes. He shared the research and his personal insights on how to effectively influence people reinforced with amazing videos to illustrate his message.

young2Mr. Young shared with the students how influencing people goes beyond marketing into other disciplines as well as personal advantages.  One of the first experiences college students will face is influencing a prospective employer to consider them for a job.  By using the tips recommended by Mr. Young, these students will be better prepared for entering the real world of business by successfully branding and marketing themselves.

Being aware of physiological triggers, such as empathy and how these triggers influence and motivate a person to behave gave the students a deeper meaning of consumer behavior.  Furthermore, students gained insight on how a business can utilize advertising and storytelling to initiate these natural triggers to affect and channel consumers’ emotions as well as actions toward a brand.

Finally, the students learned how using ethical and logical strategies with an emotional appeal strengthens marketing strategies to reach consumers on a deeper, more effective level.  Reaching into the very soul of the consumer will develop brand loyalty and trust.  This is true for marketing strategies for a business as well as for an individual.  Once these students are hired, they will continue to use these tactics to influence supervisors and administrative staff to consider their ideas and recommendations.  It is a continuous process that they will use their entire career and in their personal lives.

We were very fortunate to have Mr. Young share such valuable knowledge and insights.  As a professor at WV Wesleyan College, my goal is to teach my students as many concepts and techniques of marketing from as many varying perspectives as possible.  Having guest speakers with real-world experience is so beneficial to my students and a tremendous enhancement to their classroom experience.  I can’t thank Mr. Young enough for his time, effort and willingness to share his knowledge with my students, and I look forward to many years of partnering with him to further the educational experience of my students.  I’m sure my students will be excited to see him again as well.

Mr. Young taking time after class to talk one-on-one with students.

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